Refer A Friend - Get £5

Refer A Friend at Burn It Up Vape Store - Get £5


Simple - Sign into your account.

There are 4 ways to refer - 

  • Just add your friends name and email address to the Refer page form, they will receive an email from Burn It Up with your message. They sign up, create an account with their email and £5 will be added to their account to use straight away - once they have made their first purchase you will be able to use your £5 for your next order.

  • On the refer page you can also get a link to copy and paste to them anywhere - when they use the link you will get the £5 added automatically to your account (you can then use this £5 when they place their order).

  • From the Refer page you can share a referral link via Twitter or Facebook. Once the shared referral link has been used you will both get £5 added to your account.

  • You can give your friend the referral code on the referral page, so when your friend completes our account form when signing up, there is a box at the bottom to add the referral code, so when this is added the shop will add the £5 to each account.

Please note: There is a minimum order of just £25 to use the £5 off referral discount.

That's it !

You can refer as many times as you like. You can keep track of all your referrals from the referrals page and check who has activated and signed up.