Ohm Brew Eliquids - Badass Flavours for Everyone - A Guide.

Ohm Brew Badass Eliquids

Ohm Brew E-Liquids: A Vape Journey to Flavorful Satisfaction

Ohm Brew, a renowned e-liquid brand, has captured the hearts of vapers with their extensive range of premium flavors. With their commitment to quality and a diverse selection of e-liquids, Ohm Brew has become a favorite among both new and experienced vapers. In this article, we will explore the top-rated Ohm Brew e-liquids, their unique flavors, and the reasons why they are highly recommended by the vaping community.

Ohm Brew: A Brand with a Mission

Ohm Brew is not just another e-liquid manufacturer. They have a clear mission to deliver high-quality products without compromising on flavor and satisfaction. Based in Dundonald, Belfast, the Ohm Brew team consists of ex-smokers with a deep understanding of vaping and the needs of vapers. Their dedication to quality is evident in their streamlined manufacturing process and the use of the finest raw ingredients.

The Ohm Brew Range: Something for Everyone

Ohm Brew offers a diverse range of e-liquids, catering to a wide range of flavor preferences. Whether you are a fan of fruits, desserts, drinks, tobacco, or menthol, Ohm Brew has got you covered. Their extensive selection ensures that there is a flavor to suit every taste bud.

The Ohm Brew Ranges

Nostalgia by Ohm Brew

  • Embrace the past and savor the moments with Ohm Brew NOSTALGIA, the 100ml e-liquid range that brings the magic of the sweet shop straight to your vape. NOSTALGIA 100mls come with zero nicotine – allowing you to add up to two nic shots as required, made with a double-concentrated formula to ensure maximum flavour and are 50:50 VGPG which means they’re perfectly pod-friendly!

Badass Blends by Ohm Brew

  • Ohm Brew Badass Blends XL are high capacity 100ml liquids in a 120ml bottle for use with or without nicotine shots. 70VG/30PG and available in a mouth-watering array of flavours. Brewed in Belfast to the highest possible standards.

Balanced Blends - 10ml Nic Salts

  • Ohm Brew wanted to create the best experience possible, maximum lasting flavour, with a small cloud that disperses after a short satisfying linger. To do this we developed the perfect mix of 50% PG and 50% VG nic salts to provide everything we wanted in a vape. 43 great flavours in 3, 6, 12 and 18mg 10ml bottles.

Baltic & Baltic Extreme

  • The range of koolada shortfills for the hardcore users out there who enjoy a vape that’s more cold and more bold. Let this liquid range take you to the ice glaciers and back. Available in both cold (Baltic) and ultra cold variants (Baltic Extreme).

Double Brew Nic Salts & Shortfills

  • Our very own ‘Bar Series’ shortfill range. Eight 100ml shortfills that will push you beyond your wildest flavour expectations. A 50:50 VG/PG ratio means that these shortfills are also pod-friendly. There are also 16 flavours available in 10ml Nic Sal, 50VG/50PG.

Slush Brew Nic Salts & 50ml Shortfills

  • The range of 50ml slushy shortfills so epic that it would put Mr. Frosty to shame! Roll yourself back to childhood nostalgia with one of our tasty flavours. No matter whether you like it red, green, purple or blue, you’ll be sure to find a brew for you. Also available in 10ml Nic Salts in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg.

Crafted 50ml Shortfills

  • Long ago in a time now forgotten we once used to frequent places like wine bars, cocktail parlours and maybe some of us were lucky enough to visit an orchard. Now in these uncertain times and with summer upon us Ohm Brew has found a way to bring this experience straight to your door with CRAFTED – our very own range of craft drinks shortfills.

Innocent & Guilty - 50ml Shortfills

  • Created to bring you the best of both worlds. Whether you love a good fruit smoothie or are more likely to dig into a delicious dessert, there’s something for everyone – no matter the cravings. Are you Innocent or Guilty?

Flavour Lab Nic Salts and 50ml Shortfills

  • Created to bring you the best of both worlds. Whether you love a good fruit smoothie or are more likely to dig into a delicious dessert, there’s something for everyone – no matter the cravings. Are you Innocent or Guilty?

Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular e-liquids from Ohm Brew.

Ohm Brew Blue Slush E-Liquid

The top-rated e-liquid from Ohm Brew, as voted by vapers, is Blue Slush. This flavor is available in both Nicotine Salt and Shortfill options, providing vapers with choice and flexibility. With its mix of Blueberry, Fruits, Raspberry, and Slushie flavors. Authentic reviews from the vaping community highlight the strong fruity flavor and the refreshing "slush" element that comes through in every inhale.

Ohm Brew Rhubarb & Custard E-Liquid

Another highly rated e-liquid from Ohm Brew is Rhubarb & Custard. With its average score of 5.0 stars, as voted by vapers, this flavor is a favorite among those who enjoy the combination of custard and rhubarb. The authentic reviews emphasize the sweet and sharp taste, making it a perfect choice for vapers who prefer a dessert-inspired flavor without being overly sweet.

Ohm Brew Rockin Raspberry Sorbet E-Liquid

Rockin Raspberry Sorbet takes the third position in the Ohm Brew popularity rankings. With an average score of 4.4 stars, as voted by vapers, this flavor offers a delightful mix of Lemon, Raspberry, Sugar, and Vanilla. Vapers have praised the smooth hit and strong flavor of this e-liquid, making it a great choice for those who enjoy a fruity and refreshing vape experience.

Ohm Brew Mr White E-Liquid

Mr White, ranked fourth among Ohm Brew e-liquids, has earned an average score of 4.5 stars, as voted by vapers. This flavor combines Aniseed, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, and Menthol, creating a unique and satisfying vape experience. Authentic reviews highlight the fantastic flavors, with vapers describing it as a great all-day vape that is not overly sweet.

Ohm Brew Lychee Ice E-Liquid

Lychee Ice takes the fifth spot in the Ohm Brew popularity rankings. With an average score of 4.5 stars, as voted by vapers, this flavor offers a mix of Ice & Cool, Lychee, and Sweets. Vapers have praised the smooth and lovely taste of this e-liquid, making it a delightful choice for those who enjoy a cool and fruity vape.

Ohm Brew: More Than Just E-Liquids

Ohm Brew is not limited to producing e-liquids alone. They have expanded their offerings to provide a comprehensive vaping experience. In addition to their 10ml 50/50 e-liquids, Ohm Brew also offers short fill options, disposable vapes, and nicotine shots. They have even collaborated with leading vape brands to offer all-in-one solutions. This commitment to providing a wide range of products ensures that every vaper can find exactly what they need.

Ohm Brew: A Brand with a Purpose

Ohm Brew's branding goes beyond just offering great e-liquids. They have a meaningful message that resonates with vapers who are on a journey to quit smoking. Their branding, featuring sea-faring references, reflects the feeling of being lost at sea while trying to make the switch from smoking to vaping. Ohm Brew aims to bring vapers back to the shore, represented by the word "Ohm" in their brand name. This combination of clever wordplay and an inspirational message sets Ohm Brew apart from other e-liquid brands.

Choosing Ohm Brew: Quality and Satisfaction

When choosing Ohm Brew e-liquids, vapers can expect more than just standard flavors. Ohm Brew's commitment to the vaping community is evident in every blend they create. Each flavor is crafted with care and precision to ensure that it hits the spot with nicotine satisfaction. As a relatively new vape brand, Ohm Brew understands the preferences of vapers in the modern age, resulting in flavors that are both unique and enjoyable.

Finding the Right Nicotine Strength

For beginner vapers, choosing the right nicotine strength is crucial. Ohm Brew offers a range of nicotine strengths to suit different needs. If you were a heavy smoker, starting with 20mg nicotine strength is recommended, while lighter smokers may opt for 10mg. The goal is to gradually reduce nicotine intake until you no longer feel the need to vape with it. Ohm Brew provides options that cater to vapers at every stage of their journey.

Ohm Brew: Suitable for All Vapers

Ohm Brew's e-liquids are suitable for a wide range of vapers. Their 50PG/50VG e-liquid ratio makes them seamlessly compatible with both starter kits and pod devices. Whether you are a beginner vaper, a pod kit user, or someone transitioning from smoking to vaping, Ohm Brew e-liquids provide a fantastic choice. The use of nicotine salts ensures smooth throat hits, clear flavors, and discreet vapor, making them beginner-friendly.


Ohm Brew has established itself as a leading e-liquid brand, offering a wide range of flavors to suit every palate. With their dedication to quality and satisfaction, Ohm Brew has become a trusted choice for vapers around the world. Their commitment to providing a comprehensive vaping experience sets them apart from other brands. Whether you are a new vaper or an experienced vaper looking for new flavors, Ohm Brew is sure to satisfy your vaping needs. Explore their range of e-liquids and embark on a flavorful journey with Ohm Brew.

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