Disposable Vape to Vape Kit. Upgrading Your Vape. Our Guide

Thinking of moving over to a vape kit and ditching the disposable?

How to choose your first proper vape kit.

We all know how much everyone loves disposable vapes, they are everywhere ! At some point we are sure you have wondered how much you are actually spending on these things, it soon adds up when your using one everyday.

The flavours of the disposable vapes are very good, this is because they manufacture them with double the flavour and with salt nicotine, so you really do get a blast of smooth flavour on every hit. But the world of vape kits is vast and although the disposable vapes have a good flavour they do not offer the best of the vaping experience, as much as other choices of vape kits available.

Disposable vapes are made to a budget and the manufacturer will try and incorporate as much as possible in a small device, but they don’t last very long, the batteries are small and run out quickly and lack full power even though the juice inside has not been completely used. So then you find yourself opening another one to get that initial flavour back.

Eventually you really do want to move onto a vape kit that you can refill with eliquid easily and replace the coils with ease and even the batteries, all of which will save you a lot of money compared to purchasing endless disposable vape pens.

Also with a disposable vape pen the majority of flavours are only available in a high strength nicotine of 20mg, some in 10mg and far less in 0mg strengths. The choice of vape bar flavours available is far less than the range of eliquid flavours that are on the market. When choosing your eliquid flavour for your kit, you will have an extensive choice in various strengths, which will help you cut down on your nicotine intake.

The strengths of flavours available range from 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 5mg, 6mg, 10mg, 12mg, 18mg and 20mg in both standard nicotine (a little bit harsher on the throat) and salt nicotine, which is a fuller throat hit but also smoother and carries flavour better.

Along with the huge range of eliquid strengths, you also have options available with regards to the thickness of the eliquid. For the purposes of switching from a disposable to a vape kit, we would always suggest a 50/50 mix eliquid. This means that when manufactured there is 50% VG and 50% PG, plus the flavouring. These two liquids allow great flavour and eliquid flow through the smaller vape coils used in the smaller kits, for a great mouth to lung vape, similar to a cigarette draw.

So what is in a vape kit ?

Very simple. A battery, coil and chamber or vape tank for holding the coil and eliquid. When you upgrade to a proper vape pen or sub ohm kit you will get all these components but at a much higher quality which in turn will give you a much better flavour and vaping experience over a disposable vape pen.

When you upgrade, you can choose from various vape kits. There are small compact vape pens with internal batteries that can be charged from you USB charger with ease and these to can have a pre-filled disposable vape pod, and there are kits that have a replaceable battery, that can also be charged inside the kit, but these kits tend to be on the larger side, heading into the sub ohm direct to lung vapeing style. But the most popular would be the vape pens which use a refillable eliquid pod with the advantage of replaceable vape coils. Most of these refillable eliquid pods will have a simple rubber bung to pop out and you can then simply refill it from your chosen eliquid bottle.

The even better news is that the 10ml eliquid bottles hold 10ml of eliquid which the approximately 3000 puffs on a smaller vape pen kit. The majority of disposable vape pens only have a range of around 600 puffs, that’s if the battery and coil lasts that long at full flavour.

This means that you can keep your eliquid pod for a long time and just simply replace the coil inside the pod when it needs to be replaced, that’s it. Keep a pack of coils handy, usually in packs or three or five, pop one in the eliquid pod, refill and wait for the eliquid to soak in and away you go – just like a fresh new kit.

The principle behind all vape kits is the same and there are lots to choose from. If you like compact sleek kits you can choose a simple vape pen such as the Voopoo Luxe range or the Aspire Pockex vape pen kit, these both have replaceable, refillable pods and coils which produce a great mouth to lung vape experience like a cigarette, with fantastic flavour.

Vape pens kits range from under £10 depending on the make and model and how much detail has been manufactured into the materials and electronics and the quality of the vape coils. Kits have options such as adjustable airflow, power and temperature control, but they also come in a simple plug and play design.

You will be sure to find a kit you like the look of and that will give you a great experience, well within your budget.

Here we have listed some of the fantastic starter vape kits, we think you will love, not only for their price but the quality and ease of use.

  • Uwell Caliburn A3 Vape Kit


Uwell Caliburn A3s Vape Kit

  • Argus G Pod Kit by Voopoo


Argus G Pod Kit by Voopoo

  • Voopoo ITO Doric 20 SE Vape Pen Kit


Voopoo ITO Doric 20 SE Vape Pen Kit

  • Luxe QS Vape Pod Kit by Vaporesso


Luxe QS Vape Pod Kit by Vaporesso

  • Innokin Endura APEX Vape Pen


Innokin Endura APEX Vape Pen

  • Freemax Galex Pro Pod Kit by Freemax


Freemax Galex Pro Pod Kit by Freemax

  • Aspire PockeX Vape Pen Kit


Aspire PockeX Vape Pen Kit

What's the best Eliquid to start with ?

So, on top of this little bit of useful information for you, we will now suggest some of the best flavour eliquids to get you going. The following brands and flavours are fantastic and with flavour profiles of some of the most popular vape bar flavours and more, you will be well on the way to experiencing the very best vape experience available to you.


  • Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts


Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts

  • Fruit Drop 10ml Nic Salts


Fruit Drop 10ml Nic Salts

  • Elfliq 10ml Nic Salts by Elf Bar


Elfliq 10ml Nic Salts by Elf Bar

  • Bar Series Nic Salts 10ml


Bar Series Nic Salts 10ml

  • Riot Squad Bar Edition 10ml Nic Salts


Riot Squad Bar Edition 10ml Nic Salts

  • Double Brew Nic Salts by Ohm Brew


Double Brew Nic Salts by Ohm Brew

  • Bar Favourites 10ml Nic Salts by IVG


Bar Favourites 10ml Nic Salts by IVG

  • Bar Works 10ml Nic Salts


Bar Works 10ml Nic Salts

We hope that this information has helped you decide what type of vape kit and eliquid you want to go for. Of course there is still so much more. More kits, more elqiuids and without a doubt you will find yourself upgrading your vape kit. Trying new styles of kit and all sorts of different eliquids. It's not a minefield, more of a playground ! Enjoy ..